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Japanese Pottery Marks Japanese Antiques - Japanese Pottery Marks

The ceramic culture of Japan is the most continuous and the longest in the world. The oldest of Japanese ceramics date back to somewhere around 10,000 BC. In comparison to the Chinese ceramic industry of that time, there are many things that made the old Japanese ceramic industry of that time rather small-scale. Much like [...]

Japanese Furniture Buying Japanese Antiques - Japanese Furniture

Antiques provide a rich glimpse into bygone eras. In choosing antique Japanese furniture people are making a statement that they want to experience the lifestyles of these times gone by. Antique furniture from Japan dates back to the 17th century period and before. This was the time when people in Japan used furniture primarily for their utility propose [...]

Buying Japanese Antiques Collecting Japanese Antiques - Buying Japanese Antiques

Often one comes across people who have an interest in antiques from different countries and cultures. There are many people who collect them for their private collection while some use them in their homes. Japan has a rich cultural heritage and that heritage is reflected in the Japanese antiques. People who have never collected antiques [...]

Collecting Kutani Porcelain Collecting Japanese Antiques - Collecting Kutani Porcelain

Kutani refers to an ancient Japanese style of porcelain dating back to the 17th century. Legend has it that the village of Kutani (meaning nine valleys), known for its gold mines, had a particular white stone that could be used for making these wares. The existing Lord Maeda, had ordered Goto Saijiro to travel and [...]

Japanese Tea Set Collecting Japanese Antiques - Japanese Tea Set

A Japanese tea set is normally a set of dishes that are traditionally designed and sold in a group for the purpose of serving the tea in Japanese tea ceremonies. These sets were initially inteded to serve tea in highly respected tea ceremonies. They have traditional Japanese designs that make them very unique and attractive [...]

Collecting Japanese Antiques Collecting Japanese Antiques - Collecting Japanese Antiques

People all around the world have a hobby of collecting japanese antiques. These antiques are famous for their craftsmanship and unique details. These antiques represent the fascinating and rich history of this Asian nation. Collectors like to purchase different antiques from Japan, such as kimonos, swords, pottery, sculptures, paintings and furniture. Many of these antiques [...]