Japanese Porcelain Dolls

Many people love to collect Japanese porcelain dolls.  Since porcelain is a very durable material, these beautiful dolls will last a very long time with the proper care.  Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to caring for them properly.

How to Care for Japanese Porcelain Dolls

Although porcelain is durable, it is very brittle.  That's why Japanese porcelain dolls should rarely be played with.  They will undoubtedly shatter if dropped.  Minor damage can be done to them if they're treated too harshly too.Japanese Doll

That's why Japanese porcelain dolls are typically used for decorative purposes only.  If you want to protect their value, you should keep them behind glass instead of sitting it somewhere on a shelf or cabinet.  Wherever you decide to keep the dolls, the area needs to be cool and dry.  Frequent temperature changes and excess humidity isn't a good thing.

If you don't keep Japanese porcelain dolls stored away behind glass, then dust will accumulate on them over time.  That would require you to dust them off occasionally.  You would need to remove the doll's clothes entirely in order to ensure that all of the porcelain is cleaned properly.

Some collectors choose to wash their Japanese porcelain doll's clothes whenever they get too dirty.  This may not be the best thing when dealing with antique clothes.  If you do decide to wash them, make sure that you're very careful.

When removing dust from your Japanese porcelain dolls, make sure that you don't use a harsh tool.  You want to avoid scratching the surface.  Either a feather duster or chamois will be a suitable tool to use.  If you have a paint brush that has very soft bristles, then it would make a good alternative.

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VTG 3 Japanese Geisha Large Doll DOLLS LOT Porcelain Head Glass Eyes Kimono
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Using these larger tools will make it difficult to clean in the more restricted places of the Japanese porcelain doll though.  Therefore, having a cotton swab around can come in handy.  Using a cotton swab to clean the eyes and ears will be much easier.  You will need to use a bit of water when working with a  cotton swab.  Just don't use too much of it.

Soap will also come in handy when trying to clean your Japanese porcelain dolls thoroughly.  Use a combination of warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to clean areas gently.  If there is a stain though, water may not be strong enough to get rid of it.

If you are forced to use a stronger cleaning solution on your Japanese porcelain dolls, then make sure that it won't cause damage to them.  Read the cleaning solution's label to see if it's suitable for use with porcelain in the first place.  Even if it says it's compatible, test out the solution on a small area of the doll before applying it over a larger area.

Owners of Japanese porcelain dolls should also be aware that smoke can do significant damage over time.  That's why you should never store these dolls on the mantle above your fireplace.  Smoke can also affect them if there are smokers in the household.  Store them away from any type of smoke.

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  1. Jane Jones
    January 22, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    I was left a small collection of japanese dolls and some of them are in excellent condition and look quite old. I wish to sell them. Can you suggest a good auction house that has doll auctions?

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